Digital LED Portable Bomb Jammer 20-520 Mhz 800-6000 Mhz For Military

Digital LED Portable Bomb Jammer 20-520 Mhz 800-6000 Mhz For Military


Digital IED Jammer Cover full frequency 20~80MHz full 136~174MHz full 230~520MHz full and all Mobile wifi frequency include 5800Mhz wifi signal used digital technology stably and long range very small size can backpack we can accept test in China

VCO technology or DDS can’t cover so wide bands or only can block a point but digital can block a wide range and very good Effect (all bands working in the same time )



Technical specification for portable IED Jammer
  specification Requirement Remarks
1 Frequency 20~80MHz full  
136~174MHz full  
230~520MHz full  
CDMA800/ GSM900  
2.4G WIFI  
5.8G WIFI  
2 signal source Digital source  
3 Transmitted power 43±2dBm@20~80MHz




Port output power



42±2dBm@ CDMA800/ GSM900
42±2dBm@ GSM1800/CDMA1900/4G
42±2dBm@ WCDMA/4G
37±2dBm@2.4G WIFI
35±2dBm@5.8G WIFI

Effective range


20~80MHz:≥50meter(radius)@ RC range 200 Meters RC range no more than 300M
136~174MHz,230~520MHz:≥50 meter(radius) @ RC range 200 meters Analog walkie talkie transmission power is not greater than 5W
2.4G WIFI:≥50M(radius)  
5.8G WIFI:≥50M(radius)  
5 Antenna 20~80MHz:Omnidirectional antenna 1  
230~520MHz:Omnidirectional antenna 2  
CDMA450:Omnidirectional antenna 1  
CDMA800/ GSM900, GSM1800/CDMA1900/4G,WCDMA,2.4G WIFI:Omnidirectional antenna 2  
5.8G WIFI:Omnidirectional antenna 1  
6 Initialization time ≤10 seconds  
7 Power supply AC220V/50Hz or Battery  

Battery life


≥1 hour @25°C  
9 Equipment size Pelican box IM2600  
Weight ≤30Kg  
Waterproof grade Not waterproof  
10 Working temperature -5~55°C  



Convoy Bomb Jammer

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