Digital Anti Drone Equipment Pelican IM2500 Box For Multi Frequency 5000M Cover Range

UK drone jammer Anti drone device for multi frequency 5000M cover range


1.Cover full drone RC and Video communication bands 900/1.2~1.3/1.5~1.6/2.4/5.8
2.light weight less than 10KG include battery (jammer part)
3.Used digital technology and Latest algorithm (Not analog signal)
4.Super long jamming range >=2000M Max 5.5Km
5.Standing Wave Alarm function
6.Low battery alarm function
7.Each band Independent switching function
8.3 antennas cover all 6 band drone signal easy to install on gun
9.Support DC/AC power
10.Antenna after special processing (Highest technology)make jamming range times add


order parameter Remove term: digital drone jammerRequirement
1 Frequency 900~928MHz(900MHZ)
1200~1300MHz GPS & GLONASS
1510~1610MHz GPS & GLONASS
2 Source of Jamming Digital type
3 Output power 40±2dBm@900~928MHz(900MHZ)
4 Effective Jamming range ≥2000M@ 1:1
5 Antennas Log periodic antenna :900~2500MHz,quantity 1pc
Yagi antenna :2400~2500MHz,quantity 1pc
Flat plate directional antenna:5725~5825MHz,quantity 1pc
6 Initialization time ≤10 seconds
  Power supply Build in battery,24V8AH
8 Endurance ability ≥1.0 hours(25°C)
9 Main equipment size Pelican IM2500 box
Main equipment weight ≤20Kg
Waterproof grade Not waterproof
10 Working temperature -25~55°C


When the ambient temperature’-25 ~ -15 degrees C, the equipment needs to be preheated 10 minutes

Digital Anti Drone Equipment Pelican IM2500 Box For Multi Frequency 5000M Cover Range


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